Owning a guinea pig as a pet

If you are thinking about keeping a sweet but unobtrusive animal companion, read on to find out why pet guinea pigs might be ideal for you if there were a contest for the most adorable pet. I think having a hamster or guinea pig would be a great pet and be a good experience spyder 1 decade ago 0 thumbs up 7 do guinea pigs make good pets pros and cons of owning them more questions guinea pig pros and cons what are pros and cons of guinea pigs vs hamsters answer questions. Guinea pigs are sociable the one thing you probably want with a pet is that it is friendly and has some personality while your guinea pig isn’t going to run after a stick for you, they do like to play, and they’re smarter than the average small furry mammal.

Pros they are very friendly and most are likely to greet you enthusiastically by wheeking, popcorning, or standing up on the side of their cage they are very cuddly most like to be pet and some even like to be held since they eat vegetabl. Before adopting a guinea pig any pet is a vast responsibility and should not be stepped into lightly it is a common misconception that cavies make ideal pets for children or are easy to maintain and manage contrary to this belief cavies need to be cared for exactly the same as any other pet. January 5, 2009 welcoming your new guinea pig the humane society of the united states when you first bring your new guinea pig home, she’s likely to feel stressed by the transition to an unfamiliar environment.

You must also tell the animal and plant health agency (apha) that you’re keeping pigs, within 30 days of your first pet pig arriving on your land apha will give you a herd mark. A pet pig diet is one of the most misunderstood parts of pig parenting, illescas says, and it’s the most important aspect of owning a pig (or any pet) to understand “pigs grow so quickly that poor nutrition can cause lasting, or even fatal problems,” he says. With some knowledge of guinea pigs and how to care for them, owning a pet guinea pig can be a very enjoyable experience for both you and your pet glossary diagnose: to determine the identity of a disease or illness by a medical examination.

Guinea pigs can be lovely pets, but there are a few things you should know before making that big commitment from expected lifespan to the social nature of guinea pigs, here are some things to consider before choosing a guinea pig as a pet. Look at a hamster and guinea pig and you'll notice one difference right off the bat guinea pigs, in all of their chubbiness, have a hefty size advantage over hamsters, especially the dwarf varieties. Ask a store partner about petco's selection of books on guinea pigs and the variety of private brand products available for the care and happiness of your new pet all private brand products carry a 100% money-back guarantee. Pigs are highly intelligent and clean animals and owning a micro pig should be a pleasure and not a chore with correct husbandry in place, owning a micro pig will be one of the best decisions and purchases you will make.

Owning a guinea pig as a pet

Consequently, owning a guinea pig means making the commitment to provide the time, care and attention its needs a guinea pig home while guinea pigs are small in size, you should put careful thought into the decision to adopt one. Potbellied pigs are also legal to own as pets in kansas city, missouri, las vegas, nevada and other communities check city and county ordinances to be sure in new york city, it’s illegal to own a potbellied pig as a pet, but they have a devoted following anyway. How to care for a pet pig three methods: keeping pigs happy and healthy caring for indoor pigs housing pigs outdoors community q&a pigs are a lot cleaner than their popular reputation indicates, and they can make super pets they are sociable and intelligent, and can become very obedient but they are also curious, stubborn, and — if treated poorly — potentially dangerous.

Pros + cons of owning guinea pigs this video explains all the positive and negative aspects of owning guinea pigs. Vetbabble is a site run by veterinarians to provide helpful, fun and reliable information for pets we enjoy helping animals and technology vetbabble is a place for other pet lovers to share our enjoyment and make lives better for everyone by helping pets.

A guinea pig, or cavy, is a very fragile pet that requires more care than most people think many new guinea pig owners are guilty of some or all of these five common mistakes. Guinea pigs, also called cavies (or cavy for a single guinea pig), originated in south america where the incas used them as food they were probably introduced into europe soon after the first spanish explorers returned from that continent in the 1500s. Everything you need to know about pet pigs and keeping pigs as pets keeping pet pigs is rather fashionable these days mini pigs, micro pigs, tea cup pigs and even pot bellied pigs are in your pet pigs are sociable animals and therefore would prefer to be in a small group rather than being on its own therefore it is advisable to get more. Pigs as pets, pig education, care of pigs, preserving pigs, protecting pigs, pet pigs menu home owning a potbelly pig so you are considering adding a pig to your family owning a pig can either be the beginning of a wonderful love affair, or the beginning of overwhelming responsibility for which you are not prepared.

owning a guinea pig as a pet Tanya bridgeman with her two pigs, paloma and olaf - and her other pets 'they live in a sty in the summer and a stable in the winter, but seize any opportunity to get into the house to steal food. owning a guinea pig as a pet Tanya bridgeman with her two pigs, paloma and olaf - and her other pets 'they live in a sty in the summer and a stable in the winter, but seize any opportunity to get into the house to steal food.
Owning a guinea pig as a pet
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